In the late 1980’s and 90’s, Lawrenceburg First United Methodist Church began a mission with Nicaragua by sponsoring Carter Garber, a United Methodist missionary, who worked with CEPAD, a nongovernmental Christian organization, in Managua, Nicaragua. Since 1996, the church has had a partnership with the Fountain of Life Church in Amatitan, Nicaragua. The first visit to their community by the northern partners from Lawrenceburg was in 1999, and in that year, the decision was made to begin supporting school children and adults in their educations. In Nicaragua, the school systems do not provide much--only a teacher and a school room. Due to the parents’ lack of money, most children had not been able to attend school. Uniforms were required and they cost money. Notebooks, backpacks, pencils, crayons, scissors, text books, and all other supplies were necessary, but not affordable. When the Lawrenceburg church began to provide scholarships for the students, these things and many other things were provided, and the number of students who were able to go to school began to grow. In the beginning, the only schools available in Amatitan were kindergarten through eighth grades. Now so many children are attending school there that a secondary school has been opened in the old “Amatitan” train station. Students can complete elementary school and go on to high school without the expense and time demanded by the long bus ride to the secondary school in Leon where before the only high school was located. After secondary school students are given the opportunity to attend the university at Leon. The scholarships provide money for tuition, books, supplies, and bus fare to Leon. The Lawrenceburg church has supported 150-200 students each year since the year 2000.

Because of Lawrenceburg First United Methodist Church’s support of these Education Scholarships, the lives of the students, their families, and their community have been greatly improved. Thank you, God, for this wonderful support.