About Us

The First United Methodist Church is a community of wonderful dedicated Christians. The church is a fellowship of believers, who are members of one body of which Christ is the head, and faithful stewards of God's gifts, time, talents, and possessions through many ministries and activities. First United Methodist Church is endeavoring to do God's will in their daily lives and to proclaim the Gospel to all the world. One example of our mission to the world is our ministry with the people of Nicaragua that is ongoing. In 1996 a
covenant relationship was made with The Fountain of Life Church (Former Star of Jacob Church) in Amatitan, Nicaragua. As a result, one hundred and fifty children and youth have been able to continue their education. A church and houses have been constructed and the church has supported a preschool as we answer God's call. Another good example of our local mission to help our local community is our food pantry, "Loaves and Fishes".


The early (8:30) service and special events are held in the Rose Chapel.

Our History

Early in the nineteenth century people living along the Atlantic Seaboard began crossing the mountains seeking new homes. In 1817 Lawrence County was formed with Lawrenceburg as its county seat. About this time a group of Methodists came to settle in this small town.

Sunday worship was held in their log cabins until 1824 when they built a small log church on borrowed lot No. 51 in Lawrenceburg. At that time the Tennessee Conference appointed Circuit Riders, G.W. Morris and T.A. Strain, to provide spiritual guidance for the Lawrence Charge, which in the beginning was a part of the Huntsville, Alabama District. 

It was not until 1838 that the church Trustees were able to purchase the lot on which their church stood for $50 from William D. Edmiston. Three other church buildings have been erected on that same lot in the years 1850, 1886, and 1909. The 1909 building is still being used. In 2010 we celebrated our 100 year anniversary of services in the sanctuary.

The name of the church has been changed over the years. It became the Methodist Episcopal Church, South in 1844 and remained therein for ninety-five years. The three branches of Methodism united in 1939. The Reverend E.R. McCord suggested that the church be named "The First Methodist Church" since it was the oldest congregation in Lawrenceburg. Then in 1968 the Methodist church and the Evangelical Brethren United as the United Methodist church.

Over the years additional buildings have been erected on the church property. There were two parsonages, one built in 1909 and the other in 1950. Both have been removed and a large brick parsonage was purchased on Caperton Avenue in 1988 and in 2013 a new parsonage was constructed. Two spacious educational buildings, the lovely Rose Chapel and a large Christian Life Center, are there now. All of the additions have helped to meet the needs of the church members.

The main (10:30) service is held in the church Sanctuary.

Our Hearts, Our

Minds, And Our Doors

Are Always Open


If you are a shut-in and would like to have communion served to you in your home, please contact the church office at 762-3696