Newsletter for Dec. 14 2020.


WHO: Our church family

WHY: We are not able to financially support our mission projects this year, because we have not been able to have our yard sales and November Harvest.

HOW: Please calculate what you usually spend in a year supporting our yard sales and November Harvest. Write the UMW a check for that amount. No baking no browsing, no buying, and no casserole making.

Make checks payable to UMW and send to the church office or give to any UMW member. Please do not let this take away from your general budget giving. Thank you and God Bless.

January Birthdays

Emmery Holt Jan. 6 Bonnie Thigpen Jan. 9

Ann Hardy Jan. 10 Faye Henson Jan. 15

Cass Crews Jan. 15 Pearl Brown Jan. 19

Neal Ledbetter Jan. 20 Charlie Brewer Jan 20

Russ Brewer Jan. 22 Rebecca Frazier Jan. 23

Wally Moore Jan. 24 Anna Hamilton Jan. 25

Brock Benson Jan. 25 Betsy Phelps Jan. 27

...Thank you to Richardson Builders who took care of painting the church parsonage.

...Please be advised when filing your 2020

Taxes, that due to a tax law change you may file standard deduction, without itemizing as long as you have proof of your giving amount.

News and Notes from Mrs. Tracy

...During this Advent season the kids have been doing crafts with their lessons on Wednesday nights. Children and youth please make plans to be home on Dec. 20th. Santa and his Elves are going to visit you for a socially distant phone and present drop-off. If this date doesn’t work, please contact Mrs. Tracy. Also Wednesday, December 23rd, at 5:30 p.m. Santa and Charlie the elf will make an appearance on our Zoom meeting. Children and youth are asked to join at 5:30 p.m. If any adults would like to join to see our annual Santa and Charlie the Elf fun, please contact Mrs. Tracy for zoom link. Merry Christmas everyone!

...The church T-shirts are in. If you are not a children, or youth, please pick up your shirt at the church office at your convenience.


Lantern @ Morning Point NHC Brink St.

Frances Griffin Sarah Peppers (Rm. 218)

1015 Generation Way Wilma Morrison (Rm. 319)

Franklin, TN 37064 NHC-Scott Healthcare

Beth Barnes (Rm. 115B)

Current Prayer Concerns

Anita Johnston The Bass family Kim Smotherman

Robin Roberts Korah Bergun Marty & Ed Bryant

John Nordin Jay Thomas Barbara Brewer

Adam Walters Annelise Ryan Sandy Lisnak

Hazel Slate Jordon Hardy Roy Holt

Rick Lucas Elaine Willis Jane Cremer

Tyler Benscoter Shirley Townsend Carla & Forrest Lewis

Karen Queheillalt Jannette Tootle Vickey Flatt

Steve Maggart Mary Randolph Andy Lee

John & Maureen Rood Patricia Randolph Wilson Dustin Moore

Ongoing Prayer Concerns

Peggy Morris & Larry Morris Keiana Reed John Cathey

Jennifer Robertson Carley Henson Brenda Benson

Ray & Earline Price Jane Philpot Wally & Lee Moore

Pearl Brown Buddy Gibbs Bob Cornelius

Fountain of Life Church-Nicaragua

My Service:

Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry

Tuesday, December 22nd

Linda Newton,

Bruce & Barbara Edwards

Thursday December 24th

Jerry & Martha Jo Gibbs

Jim Oliver or Mary Meier

Bread Pick Up for week of Dec. 22

Bill & Ann Akers