Newsletter for August 24, 2020.

Pastor Update

...We are extremely grateful to Dr. Phil Jamieson, who has been filling our pulpit this month. The D.S. continues to work on finding a permanent pastor for the church. For the month of September, Rev. Will Wells will fill the pulpit. I have been in contact with him and he is sending some information for me to include in the bulletin and the next newsletter. I have known he and his wife many years, and I think you will be pleased. Your patience is very much appreciated during this time. Terri,


September 1 Abby Clayton September 3 Judy Crowder

September 8 Katie Lynn Godsey September 11 Kyle Brewer

September 14 Cissy Holt September 15 Laine Philpot

September 18 Mike Hardy September 21 Layde Ezell

September 21 Mary Johnstone September 23 Judy Benson

September 26 Weston Brewer September 26 Jeff Gibbs

September 26 Georgianna Ricaurte September 27 Linda Newton

September 27 Dorothy Booth September 27 Sandy Lisnak

September 30 Carole Cheatwood

News and Notes from Ms. Tracy for Children and Youth!

Dear Church Family,

Our Youngster’s and Youth Wednesday activities will be started back (Wednesday, August 26th!!) We will be doing them via Zoom for now! Please let Ms. Tracy know if you would like to be added to the Zoom text. Thanks-and have a great week! Ms. Tracy’s number is 931-279-3181

Fall Sunday school starts Sunday, September 6th and Ms. Tracy will be doing a one room Sunday school during the Covid-19 with the younger children. The Youth will be doing Sunday school with Beth Lerner and Cissy Holt. A huge Thank you to these ladies for volunteering to do this class with our youth.


The Summit NHC Brink St.

Ann Cornelius (Rm. B-6) Sarah Peppers (Rm. 218)

Wilma Morrison (Rm. 319)

Lantern @ Morning Point

Frances Griffin

1015 Generation Way

Franklin, TN 37064

Current Prayer Concerns

The family and friends of Marie (McKissack) Stewart. She and her husband attended First UMC year ago. Mrs. McKissack recently passed away. She was currently living in Florence, AL.

Robin Roberts Rick Lucas Lendon Porter

Tyler Benscoter Barbara Brewer Gari Lynn

Karen Queheillalt Jannette Tootle Jim McWilliams

Laura Rummans Vickey Flatt Steve Maggart

Linda Kelly John & Maureen Rood Carla & Forrest Lewis

Hazel Slate Mary Randolph Patricia Randolph Wilson

Ongoing Prayer Concerns

Jean Cooper Peggy Morris Keiana Reed

Jennifer Robertson Carley Henson Brenda Benson

Shirley Townsend Ray & Earline Price Jane Philpot

Anita Johnston Pearl Brown Larry Morris

Buddy Gibbs Bob Cornelius

Fountain of Life Church-Nicaragua

My Service:

Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Sharon Loete,

Bruce & Barbara Edwards

Thursday September 3, 2020

Jerry & Martha Jo Gibbs

Jim Oliver or Mary Meier

Bread Pick Up for week of August 31

Jerry Gibbs