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Administrative Board voted to resume in person worship June 21, 2020 

Our first concern is your safety and health so if you are feeling sick please stay home and listen on the radio 10:30am (93.1 or 106.1 FM). If you are worried about your own health stay home and listen on the radio. We are trying to manage the risk to all of us in appropriate ways. So, there will be some changes as we start back to in person worship. Here is what you can expect.

Early Service will be held in the main sanctuary to help with social distancing.

At each entrance to the sanctuary (four) there will be a table with hand sanitizers, masks if you have not remembered to bring your own, offering plate and bulletin. Portable hand sanitizer units have been ordered but have not arrived so hand sanitizing will be the smaller bottles. The masks come from the Health department and concerns about them have (at the moment) been resolved. We are expecting to prop the doors open so there will be minimal opening and closing of doors.

We need antiseptic wipes, so if you find any please purchase some for the church. These were also ordered several weeks ago and have yet to arrive.

The choir will not be singing. We will sing one verse of each hymn IF YOU ARE WEARING A MASK. We ask if you don’t wear a mask to hum the hymn.

There will be no hymnals, or anything else in the pews or pew holders, but the words to the first verse of the hymn will be provided in the bulletin and words to the affirmation of faith as well.

The children’s sermon will continue BUT with children staying with their family unit. Additionally, we ask that children either stay with their family for the entire service OR stay in the nursery for the entire service. The nursery will be available from 8:15 to 11:45 as usually.

There is to be minimal “ushering” - limited to helping people through the process and to welcome visitors. No use of “community” robes for anyone including acolytes.

We ask that you try and respect social distancing whenever possible. Please no hugging or shaking of hands. Conversations are welcomed on the church lawn. We will be dismissed by rows.

We anticipate having sanitizing wipes available at the restrooms as well.

We have ordered totally self-contained communion elements for when we do communion.

If you can’t be at church, you may listen to the Sunday
service at:

Sunday Services: 

8:30 a.m. Service in the Rose Chapel 

9:15 a.m. Sunday School for all ages 

10:30 a.m. Service in Sanctuary

UMW Yard Sale is scheduled for August 10 – August 22 in the CLC.

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